Gel nail

The natural feel is beautiful, and the luster and durability last for about 3 weeks.
It is also popular for those who have thin nails and those who are worried about double nails as a reinforcement for their own nails.

At Blah-zeh,
LED gel is introduced from the 2009 industry new release.
There is no worry of sunburn and speedy treatment is supported.

First-time trial fixed amount gel

¥6,990(Tax included)

Simple design gel with one point.
Recommended for those who are new to gel nails.


Fixed amount gel
¥8,990(Tax included)~
This is a great plan with seasonal trends.

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Hand gel
(Clear New Set)
・ Nail shaping
・ Maintenance of cuticle by using machine
・ Base ge
・ Top gel
・ Moisturizing
Foot gel
(Clear New Set)

・ Foot bath with bath salt
・ Shape of nails
・ Maintenance of cuticle using machine
・ Base gel
・ Top gel
・ Moisturizing
Fill in

Repair of hand gel nails within 2-3 weeks.
・ Shaping of extended gel nail
・ Repairing of root
・ Cleaning of cuticle by using machine
・ Base gel
・ Top gel
・ Moisturizing
Gel coloring (1 color) +¥2,000(10nail)
Gel original color added (1 color) +¥500~1,000
Coding gel (art embedding, thickening, etc.) +¥100~
Length, Tip, Gel Scalp +¥700~

Gel off

Refit off +¥150~ (1nail)
Off only, gel off other stores +¥300~ (1nail)
Coating gel off +¥100~ (1nail)
Gel Option Nail Care Course ¥3,500→¥2,500


Nail Labo Presto

A long-established Japanese manufacturer in the nail industry, Presto, the world's first LED gel developed by NailLab, has been a favorite since its launch in 2007.

Manicurists have long been supported by the richness and glossiness of the products, and the rich color lineup that matches the Japanese skin unique to Japan. For manicurists, it is a professional purveyor brand that has the best performance and the stable performance.



(made according to the length of your nail)
¥1,000 (1nail)
natural ¥1,200 (1nail)
clear ¥1,200 (1nail)
lame ¥1,400 (1nail)
Glitter gradation ¥1,400~ (1nail)
French ¥1,600~ (1nail)
Design scalp ¥1,700~ (1nail)
Chip overlay ¥1,500~ (1nail)
Fill in
(Sculpture repair within 2 weeks.)
¥800~ (1nail)
Long nail ¥100~ (1nail)
Gel top ¥1,500~(10nail)

Sculpture off

Refit off ¥300~ (1nail)
Only off ¥400~ (1nail)
Other store sculpture off ¥500~ (1nail)
Gel top, art off 各¥100~ (1nail)
Sculpture Option Nail Care Course ¥3,500→¥2,500

Nail care

Hand care course

Total hand care course
¥7,000(about 70 minutes)
It is a total hand care course with a set of manicure course and peeling and massage. We finish to supple, beautiful hand.
・ Nail shaping
・ Cuticle care
・ Hand peeling
・ Hand massage
・ Coloring
・ Moisturizing
Manicure course
(Recommended for those who take nail care for the first time)
¥5,000(about 50 minutes)
It is a course that finishes with nail polish coloring on a nail care course.
・ Shape of nails
・ Maintenance of cuticle
・ Coloring
・ Mini massage
・ Moisturizing
Nail care course
¥4,000(about 40 minutes)
This is a basic nail care course for maintaining beautiful fingertips.
・Shape of nails
・ Cleaning of cuticle
・ Mini massage
・ Moisturizing
Men's nail care course
¥4,500(about 50 minutes)
Basic nail care course for men.
・ Nail shaping
・ Nail surface polishing or base coat
・ Cut skin care
・ Mini massage
・ Moisturizing

Foot care course

Total foot care course
¥8,000(about 80 minutes)
It is a total foot care course with a horny course and a pedicure course. We finish to supple, beautiful step.
・Foot bath with bath salt
・ Shaping nails
・ Cleaning the cuticle
・ Keratin care
・ Massage
・ Coloring
Pedicure course
¥6,000(about 60 minutes)
It is a course that finishes with a polish coloring on the foot nail care course.
・ Foot bath with bath salt
・ Shape of nails
・ Maintenance of cuticle
・ Coloring
・ Mini massage
・ Moisturizing
Foot nail care course
¥5,000(about 50 minutes)
This is a basic foot nail care course for maintaining beautiful feet nails.
・ Foot bath with bath salt
・ Shape of nails
・ Maintenance of cuticle
・ Mini massage
・ Moisturizing
Horny care course
¥3,500(about 30 minutes)
Finish with a moist and smooth foot.
・ Foot bath with bath salt
・ Peeling under ankle
・ Skin keratin care
・ Mini massage
・ Moisturizing pack

Course options

Miracle gel
Polish color dries faster and lasts longer.
+¥1,500~ (10nail)
Trouble Care
Special care for those who have troubles such as octopus, fish eyes, heel thickening, etc.
+¥1,000~ (1nail)
Ingrown nail care +¥5,000~ (1nail)
Hand massage (blood circulation promotion, beautiful skin) ¥1,500 Hand & Arm ¥2,000
Hand peeling (whitening / exfoliation) ¥1,000 Hand & Arm ¥1,500
Foot massage (promotion of blood circulation and metabolic recovery) ¥2,000 Foot and Leg ¥2,500
Foot peeling (whitening and exfoliation) ¥1,500 Foot and Leg ¥2,000
Pack (anti-aging / moisturizing) Hand ¥2,000 Leg ¥2,500
Far infrared mittens ¥1,000



From CND's spa collection, which focuses on the beauty effects of plant-derived ingredients, we deliver spa treatments that satisfy both your body and mind.


Nail art

Rhinestone ¥100~ (1nail)
Nail seal ¥100~ (1nail)
Lame line ¥100~ (1nail)
Marble ¥200~ (1nail)
Glitter gradation ¥200~ (1nail)
sponge ¥200~ (1nail)
French ¥300~ (1nail)
Color gradient ¥300~ (1nail)
Holographic ¥300~ (1nail)
Peacock ¥300~ (1nail)
Hand paint ¥500~ (1nail)
Embossed 3D art ¥600~ (1nail)
Air brush ¥3,000~ (10nail)
Original order tip ¥10,000~ (10nail)

Other options / single item menu

Color off ¥500~ (10nail)
Art Off, Miracle Gel Off ¥100~ (1nail)
colouring Hand¥2,000~ (10nail)
Foot¥3,000~ (10nail)
Base coat / Top coat 各¥500 (10nail)
Floater (crack straightening) ¥1,000 (1nail)
Own nail repair (crack correction) ¥600~ (1nail)
Glue repair (crack correction) ¥100~ (1nail)
File Hand¥1,000~ (10nail)
Foot¥1,500~ (10nail)
Shining Hand¥1,500~ (10nail)
Foot¥2,000~ (10nail)
Cuticle clean Hand¥2,000~ (10nail)
Foot¥3,000~ (10nail)
Foot bath
(metabolism UP & blood circulation promotion by bath salt foot bath)
¥500~ (5minutes)
Kids Nail
(for children under elementary school age only)
Hand¥2,000 (about 20 minutes)
Foot¥2,500 (about 25 minutes)

Athlete Nail

Athlete nail (60 minutes)
Hand   ¥7,000
Foot  ¥7,500

【Athlete Nail Certified Trainer】
Course with counseling to support athlete's nail health
To prevent nail damage and damage from affecting performance
Athletes performing regular nail maintenance are increasing.

・ Counseling
・ Shaping nails
・ Cleaning cuticles
・ Reinforcing or refining nails
or One nail molding, foot with foot bath

Athlete's nail
single item menu

One nail reinforcement ¥1,500
One nail molding ¥2,000
One repair ¥1,000
One off nail reinforcement / modeling ¥500
Foot bath ¥500

* If you would like a yearly contract, please contact us separately.

*Excluding tax